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Repeat Prescription Services - Terms & Conditions

By completing and submitting this online application form, you declare that you have read, understood and agree to the Terms & Conditions specified below.

  • Repeat prescription collection. You authorise Copnor Pharmacy to order and / or collect your prescriptions from your surgery on your behalf.
  • Nomination of Copnor Pharmacy for EPS. The NHS is moving towards the electronic transmission of prescriptions from the prescriber to dispensing sites. By completing and submitting this form, you are agreeing to nominate Copnor Pharmacy as your designated dispensing site.

Please see below for full details of the Electronic Prescription Service.

Patient Consent

In the following circumstances it is appropriate for a representative to give their consent on behalf of the patient:

  • on behalf of any child by either parent, or in the absence of both parents, the guardian or other adult who has the care of the child;
  • on behalf of any person under 18 years of age who is in the care of an authority to whose care he has been committed under the provisions of the Children Act 1989, by a person duly authorised by that authority or in the care of a voluntary organisation, by that organisation or a person duly authorised by them;
  • on behalf of any adult who is incapable of nominating a pharmacy, by a relative or the primary carer of that person;
  • on behalf of any other person by any duly authorised person. A pharmacy contractor is not able to provide consent on behalf of a patient nominating his pharmacy.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

The NHS is moving towards the electronic transmission of prescriptions from the prescriber to dispensing sites. As a patient, you have a full and free choice over the dispensing site you wish to have your prescription transmitted to.

You are free to change your choice of dispensing site at any time.

Nomination is a new process that gives patients the option to choose, or 'nominate' a dispensing contractor(s) to which their prescriptions can be sent electronically, via the Electronic Prescription Service.

Any dispensing sites operating full EPS (Release 2) can be nominated; patients are not restricted to nominating a pharmacy near their GP practice.

Nomination could be likened to existing prescription collection services offered by some community pharmacies as it alleviates the need for patients to call at their GP practice to collect a paper prescription form.

Instead, when a nominated electronic prescription is generated, it is sent to the Electronic Prescription Service where it is retrieved by the nominated dispensing contractor's system - without the need to scan a barcode.

Nomination can be set at the patient's request by any member of staff with the appropriate level of access to the patient's national record. Patients can have up to three nominated dispensing contractors, including:

  • One community pharmacy
  • One dispensing appliance contractor
  • One dispensing GP practice (providing they are a patient on that practice's dispensing list)

In each case a specific site must be nominated.

Nomination is a very flexible process. Patients can set and change their nominated dispensing contractor(s) at any time and at any Release 2-enabled prescribing or dispensing site. Over time, patients will also be able to use HealthSpace to set their own nomination. Patients have the option not to use nomination for specific prescriptions - providing they make this clear to the prescriber at the time of prescribing.


Why do you need my date of birth and prescription exemption?

In order to set your nomination on the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS), we need to find your record. This can be done by using your 10 digit NHS number, or by searching using your surname, date of birth and your current postcode.

In order to send your electronic prescription for processing, we must also send your current exemption.