NHS Blood Pressure Check Service

We are providing the new NHS blood pressure checking service

NHS Blood Pressure Check Service

The NHS have recently introduced a service to help find pharmacies find cases of high blood pressure (BP) that have not been diagnosed.

What is high blood pressure and why is important that it is diagnosed?

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the second most common cause of premature death in England, after cancer, affecting seven million people. One in four premature deaths are caused by CVD, and 1.6 million disability adjusted life years can be attributed to it.

High blood pressure (hypertension) significantly increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke, but early detection and treatment can help people live longer, healthier lives.

Who is eligible for a blood pressure check?
  • Adults who are 40 years old or over, who do not have a current diagnosis of hypertension;
  • Patients, by exception, under the age of 40 who request the service because they have a recognised family history of hypertension may be provided the service at the pharmacist’s discretion;
  • Patients between 35 and 39 years old who are approached about or request the service may be tested at the pharmacist’s discretion; and
  • Adults specified by a general practice for the measurement of blood pressure (clinic and ambulatory blood pressure checks)..
What does the consultation with the pharmacist involve?

The pharmacist will take several blood pressure readings. Based on your readings, the pharmacist will decide what action to take:

  • Normal BP. If your readings fall into the normal range, the pharmacist will give you general advice on maintaining a healthy BP and will suggest you are retested in 5 years' time.
  • High blood pressure: Again, you will be provided with healthy lifestyle advice to help you lower your BP and will also be provided with an Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor (ABPM). This is a special blood pressure machine which you will wear for 24 hours. This will provide an average daily BP. Depending on the results of this ambulatory test, you may be referred to your GP for further investigation and treatment.
  • Very high blood pressure: if your clinic BP readings are found to be very high, the pharmacist will arrange for you to be seen by the GP the same day via an urgent referral.
  • Low blood pressure. If your BP is low and you are experiencing symptoms, the pharmacist will refer you to your GP for further investigation.
Is this service free?

Absolutely. This is a free service provided by the NHS.