Pharmacy Contraception Service

We provide the new NHS service which allows you to get repeats of your oral contraceptives from the Pharmacy.

Pharmacy Contraception Service

The NHS have introduced a new service which will allow you to obtain repeats of your regular oral contraception from the pharmacy without the need to obtain a prescription from your GP. We are also able to start you on oral contraception if you have not been on it previously.

How do I access the service?

Either pop in to the pharmacy or call us on (023) 9266 2511 to arrange a convenient time to complete a consultation with our pharmacist.

Which forms of contraception can you supply?

We can provide any oral contraceptive tablet that is currently available on NHS prescription.

What does the consultation with the pharmacist involve?

We will run through a general health screening questionnaire and in the case of a combined contraceptive tablet (estrogen and progesterone), we are also required to perform a blood pressure check and also ensure your BMI is with an acceptable range. If you don't know your weight or BMI, we will calculate this for you.

How much contraceptive can you supply?

We can supply up to 12 months' worth of contraception and we will normally supply the usual duration you receive from your GP.

Is the supply free of charge?

Absolutely. Supply is free of charge in the same way all contraception is free of charge when supplied by the NHS.